Camarque 1, 2005, 40x50
Camarque 1, 2005, 40x50

art gallery 1

Shadows Roses Shadows

Under a foreign sky, shadows, roses, shadows, on a foreign planet,

between roses and shadows, in foreign water, my shadow.


              (Ingeborg Bachmann, translated by

                                          Helen Buxton) 

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art gallery 2

As long as you don´t stop climbing, the steps will not stop. Beneath your climbing feets they will grow upwards.

(Franz Kafka,
translated by Helen Buxton)

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art gallery 3

A landscape can only be born out of an imagination


(Ernesto Grassi: The power of imagination)

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Orchid, 2000, 40x50
Orchid, 2000, 40x50

art gallery 4

Pictures conjure up our emotions ...


(Ernesto Grassi: The power of imagination)

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I drive across the Elbe Bridge, go walking on the banks of the Elbe - the water cleanses my senses.


             (translated by Helen Buxton)

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The hectic pace of time and slow souls

A white explorer in Africa could not wait to finally reach the heart of the country. In order to reach his destination earlier he paid his bearers extra money to walk more quickly. For many days the bearers walked faster. However , one evening they all sat down on the ground, put their bundles aside and refused to go any further. It did not matter how much money he offered them, the bearers would not move fom the spot. When the explorer finally asked them the eason for their behaviour, they gave him the following answer: "We walked so fast, that we don´t relly know what we´re doing. So we are waiting for our souls to catch up with us."



                   (Paulo Coelho, translated by

                                      Helen Buxton)

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art gallery 7

The lovers

See how in their veines all become spirit:

into each other they mature and grow.

Like axles, their formsre tremblingly orbit,

round which it whirls, bewitching and aglow.

Thirsters, and they rceive drink,

watchers, and see: they receive sight.

Let them into one another sink

so as to endure each other outright.


(Rainer Maria Rilke)

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art gallery 8


Houses full of water, objects are floating around, they are mirrored in the water. - The forbidden zone. In the middle of all this a scout, followed by two men, one is a scientist, the other an author, they are also reflected in the water, each on eis the reflection of hiself and his soul. The journey to the forbidden zone becomes the journey to oneself. for many people unknown territory.


Some pictures and sequences from films accompany our lives, such as the scene described above from the film ”The stalker” (Tarowski) accompanies mine.



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