Welcome to the virtual art gallery of Zita Felicia Brussock

A lonely fence post, the ruins of a hut, the remains of a bonfire, a stranded boat – these are the traces that prove the immanent presence of man in the seemingly idyllic untouched landscapes this artist has created. Being, presence and mankind exist in a constellation that mutually enhances one another and at the same time offsets each other.  The alert eye can either view the landscapes abstractly, and see in them a combination of nature in its idyllic form showing at the same time signs of destruction, or emotionally and discover the depiction of human feelings. But above all the artist would like to achieve one thing: to motivate you to contemplation. Her experiences and feelings become apparent through the power of her choice of colours and compositions. In her own special way she succeeds in blending together sombre and cheerful elements.

Her works demonstrate that modern landscapes can also be an aesthetic work of art. Paul Cézanne called this “harmony side by side with nature”.  Landscape is not a synonym for nature, but a very personal and individual interpretation of nature.

The sombre elements described, such as the last remaining posts in a fence, the shadow-like silhouettes of houses, as well as the misty smoky haze, emphasize the anti-idyllic atmosphere.

Immerse yourself in the diversity of her world. Discover and experience the story that each and every picture tells and find your own personal connection.


 Kathinka Eckardt

   Translated by Helen Buxton